Ripening Chambers to Retain Freshness and Texture of Fruits and vegetables

Ripening Chambers

Ripening chambers ensure that the fruits retain their freshness, texture, and flavour with extended shelf-life. Plus, they help maintain the safety and health benefits by eliminating the use of calcium carbide, a toxic substance traditionally used in ripening. This chemical ripening has been banned under the PFA Rules, 1955 and The Food Safety (Prohibition and Restriction in Sale) Regulations 2011, emphasising the importance of a safe and eco-friendly way of ripening fruits.





  • Application: High ambient temperature application
  • Execution: Moving around the scaffolding & scissor lift was the biggest challenge while installing ceiling panels from a height of around 12 m
  • Completion time: Project team planned the activities very minutely and with the collaboration of other agencies, they were able to deliver the projects 2 weeks ahead of the agreed timeline
  • Benefits to the Client

  • The facility was delivered in lesser time than committed. Hence, the client was able to start using the facility earlier and they could start generating revenues.
  • Air-tight, insulated room with good air-flow
  • A refrigeration rack system (optional standby compressors)
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled condensers
  • Gas-based ethylene injection and liquid-based generator
  • Pressurized or pull-through airflow models
  • A CFC-free refrigeration system in auto operation
  • CO2 evacuating system with automatic controls
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