Refrigerated Transportation for Long-Haul and Last-Mile Deliveries

Refrigerated Transportation for Long-Haul and Last-Mile Deliveries

Refrigerated transportation has transformed the way perishable or consumable items are delivered. The primary objective here is to maintain the integrity, safety, and freshness of the products being transported. However, there remains a challenge with reefer trucks—environmental impact and fuel efficiency, especially in the secondary transportation or last-mile delivery. This is where eutectic refrigerated trucks offer a greener and more efficient cold chain logistics solution!




Neras's cold chain logistics solutions which include eutectic refrigerated trucks, insulated truck containers and the first of its kind eco-friendly mobile vending stations have been specially engineered to meet the stringent demands of the cold supply chain as well as ensure energy-efficient and eco-friendly transportation. This translates to more value for your business and high-quality food items for your customers.

Our refrigerated trucks come in two types:

  • Stored energy refrigeration combined with GRP- RPUF Insulated containers, ideal for last-mile delivery.
  • RPUF Insulated GRP containers with forced refrigeration for long haul.
  • Our solutions for refrigerated transportation find successful applications for fresh floral or nursery produce, seafood, milk and dairy products including frozen ice-cream, frozen poultry and meat items, frozen fruits and vegetables or fresh produce as well as pharmaceutical products.
  • Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and rigid polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwich panels manufactured using patented formo-bonding technology with CFC-free foaming process GRP sheets result in lowered weight which means higher payload capacity and effective area for merchandising
  • Temperature range of -15℃ to -25℃ which can be maintained for 10—12 hours. Eutectic plates eliminate the moving parts of the evaporator fan and compressor
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