Low Relative Humidity Cold Storage | Maintaining Seed Viability

Low Relative Humidity (RH) Cold Storage

Humidity and temperature control are critical factors in cold storage. Especially for seed storage, optimum conditions are necessary to maintain viability, avoid discoloration, fungus growth, and toxin production. Even in a dormant state, seeds continue to undergo metabolic processes, which is also known as ageing. If the humidity is too high, ageing or deterioration can start whereas too low humidity can lead to a decline in the viability or vigour of the seed. That is why the external environment plays a key role in the prolonged or long-term storage of seeds.




These low RH cold storages not only reduce the operational and maintenance cost but are also eco-friendly! They are equipped with:

  • A single system to control temperature and humidity
  • Hot gas provision for defrost
  • Strip heaters
  • Strip heaters
  • Evaporator fan speed regulation
  • Neras's low RH cold storage solutions can help maintain low humidity and optimum temperature levels without the need for an external dehumidifier.
  • The specially designed coil functions to maintain stabilized conditions to lock the viability of the seeds. This translates to significantly reduced wastage and higher profitability.
  • These solutions are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry, seed storage, as well as confectionery or chocolate storage.
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