Plate Freezers For Freezing Fresh Produce and Meats

Plate Freezers

A horizontal plate freezer is a preferred choice for the bulk freezing of high-value products such as fish fillets, shrimps, prawns, meat cuts, and even fresh produce. The horizontal plates ensure easier handling, loading, unloading, and transportation. Moreover, plate freezers offer excellent storage and are ideal for freezing in trays, cartons, and frames. Usually, the product is placed into trays or boxes in between the plates which are closed to ensure double contact cooling. After freezing, the trays are unloaded and the flat and uniformly frozen blocks are then packaged or stacked and stored.




Neras's capability to scale solutions has equipped us to efficiently meet the needs of large and small-scale businesses. Simple, compact, and yet highly energy-efficient plate freezers are no different and find applications in rapid freezing of whole fish, fish fillets, shrimps and prawns of all sizes, meats and meat products, poultry, vegetables, as well as other food products.

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