Ice Bank Tank with High Cooling Capacity

Ice Bank Tank

ice bank tanks are thermal energy storage systems for industrial cooling applications. Usually, in the systems, the formed ice is stored in modular ice tanks for cooling to help meet the load requirement of the next day, allowing chillers to be downsized or turned off. The large ice surface area of the tanks allows quick cooling even during peak load. The main benefit of the ice tanks is their high cooling capacity for the reduction of peak cooling loads, thus, ensuring maximum energy reserve.




Neras's specially engineered ice bank tanks offer energy and operational efficiency with minimum maintenance. Our ice tanks not only reduce your operational cost but also reduce capital outlays when systems. The energy is stored by converting water into ice and the iced water can be produced at up to 1°C.

  • Open type reciprocating ammonia compressor
  • PHE type condensers
  • HP receiver
  • Air-cooled condensers
  • Coils/dimple plate in tank type thermal energy storage
  • PUF insulated chilled water storage
  • These compact, skid-mounted, ready-to-install systems are equipped with External finishing of stainless steel (SS) or glass-reinforced (GRP) plastic
  • A highly efficient plate heat exchanger (PHE) for adequate cooling capacity and RPUF (rigid polyurethane foam) insulation
  • Neras's ice bank tanks have very low energy requirements as they come with a small refrigeration system. Moreover, modular assembly allows for easy expansion and relation.
  • The ice bank tanks find successful applications in dairy processing, fresh vegetable and fruit cooling, food processing, poultry processing, bakeries, chemical and plastics manufacturers as well as air-conditioning.
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