High Relative Humidity(RH) Cold Storage | Humidity Control for Optimum Freshness

High Relative Humidity (RH) Cold Storage

Humidity control is a critical factor in cold storage. Low humidity can lead to weight loss in the products due to turgidity, impacting their appearance, shelf-life and quality. That is why depending on the type of produce including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more optimum storage conditions need to be maintained to keep the produce fresh for the customers.




Neras's high RH cold storage solutions can help maintain high humidity and optimum temperature levels without the need for an external humidifier. The specially designed coil functions to maintain stabilised conditions to lock the freshness of fruits and vegetables. This translates to significantly reduced wastage and higher profitability.

These high RH cold storages not only reduce the operational and maintenance cost but are also eco-friendly! They are equipped with :

  • A single system to control temperature and humidity
  • A coil designed for high humidity applications
  • Larger coil size and capacity
  • CFC-free refrigerant
  • Evaporator fan speed regulation
  • Neras's high RH cold storage solutions have superior performance and energy efficiency, making this state-of-the-art technology better than anyone else in the industry.
  • These solutions are perfect for food and fresh produce storage, retail and distribution services, as well as hotels and restaurants.
  • Neras's high RH cold storage solutions significantly reduce your investment in a humidifier. You can save 10—15% of your capital!
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