Multi-Commodity Cold Storage Warehouses

Refrigerated Transportation for Long-Haul and Last-Mile Deliveries

Supply chain complexities and inefficiencies usually lead to wastage and losses, especially in the case of perishable or short-shelf life goods. Cold storage warehouses that can store multiple types of products in one place can help businesses overcome the challenges related to cold chain infrastructure.

Neras's multi-commodity cold storage warehouse solutions for storing a wide array of products and fresh produce that require different temperatures and storage conditions present a perfect solution. These warehouses represent a sustainable and reliable way to maintain the quality, freshness, integrity, and safety of various goods so you can be efficient and profitable in your business.




We offer greater flexibility to customers to enable you to store a wider range of products and add-ons. These multi-commodity cold storage warehouses are equipped with:

Our refrigerated trucks come in two types:

  • Thin-walled sections with heavy-duty omega profile sections help in achieving optimum steel contents for a warehouse
  • Temperature control features for a range from -2℃ to -8℃ and -15℃ to -25℃
  • Modular designs as per the EN 15512 standards
  • Racking systems for easy retrieval
  • These tailored solutions are perfect for 3PL (third-party logistics) companies, eCommerce, Retailers, agricultural and horticultural industries.
  • Neras's multi-commodity cold storage warehouse solutions are quick and easy to install
  • Neras's multi-commodity cold storage ensure reduced civil footings and allow maximum utilisation of space.
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