Individual Quick Freezers - Keep Your Food Fresh and Safe

Individual Quick Freezers (IQF)—Straight and Spiral Belt

Quick freezing is an effective food preservation method. When the food temperatures hover between 10°C and 70°C, food safety can be compromised by the proliferation of bacteria, oxidation and evaporation. With a quick freezing process, you can maintain the product's core temperature, preserving its quality, colour, aroma, flavor and extending shelf life. Since with the IQF, the products are frozen individually, separate from the others, it is well-suited for preserving smaller food items including ready-to-eat (cooked) food items, fruits, vegetables, pasta, and many more.




Straight Belt IQF/Tunnel Freezer

Handles your pull down conditions with ease completes the cycle quickly and efficiently

  • Ideal for Cut Vegetable, Fruits, Marine products
  • Food grade MOC gives high standard of hygiene
  • Inbuilt VFD for variable belt speed which gives freedom in handling variety of products
  • Fluidized bed to ensure uniform Cooling
  • Occupies less floor space
  • Complete ease of defrost and high degree of sanitation
  • Can operate as complete stand-alone unit
  • Modules of capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 kg/hr
  • Enclosure made of energy-efficient sandwich panels with RPUF (rigid polyurethane foam) core and stainless steel and pre-painted galvanised iron (GI) metal lamination inside and outside respectively
  • Single or multiple belt units of stainless steel (SS), polyethylene (PE) or polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • High static fans for excellent fluidization
  • Variable speed drive with motor control VFD
  • A varying fin-type cooling coil of SS tubes or aluminium fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping
  • Automatic air defrost system (for Straight line IQF) with unique Frost Buster
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