Ice Machines-Flake and Tube Ice for Superior Versatility

Ice Machines-Flake and Tube Ice

Commercial ice machines are more of an economical and tangible asset for businesses that are in hospitality, food and meat processing, supermarkets, etc. These versatile machines not only ensure uninterrupted supply and reduced wastage but also produce ice depending on the type of application. Neras's flake and tube ice machines offer you the flexibility, convenience, and affordability to carry out your business operations effectively. Flake and tube ice have unique properties which find specific applications in different areas.




Flake ice

  • Directly formed at low temperatures (below -8℃)
  • Once formed, ice flakes are dry, clean, perfectly shaped, and are not likely to lump
  • A larger contact area and good movement ensure full contact with refrigerated items for highly effective preservation
  • Without any acute edges, small, light-weight flakes are beneficial in storage and delivery anytime, anywhere
  • Tube ice

  • The special ice-making method ensures the removal of impurities
  • Hard and powderless
  • The hole is formed during ice formation due to falling film of water freezing inside the vertical tubes
  • Cylindrical length of around 28—35mm with varying diameters of 22 mm, 29 mm, and 25 mm in most tube ice applications
  • Better permeability and longer melting time compared to flake ice
  • Modular designs for on-site maintenance
  • The components made of SUS304 stainless steel, pure aluminium alloy or PE (polyethylene)
  • Specially designed, energy-efficient evaporator, that ensure normal ice output even at a wide range of ambient temperature of 5-40°C
  • Neras's FreezoLine flake and tube ice machines find applications in meat processing, fishery industry, vegetable preservation, supermarkets, concrete cooling, baking, as well as produce cooling.
  • With our ability to scale and customise, we can help you with all your ice-making needs.
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